Barneys Rubble AAAA – 7g


This slight Sativa dominant strain is the result of crossing two popular strains: Orange Cookies and Fruity Pebbles OG. What you get is a very flavourful strain. One that takes the citrus of Orange Cookies and the fruitiness of Fruity Pebbles OG. Giving you a delicious blend of flavours in Barney Rubble, a play on the fictional Flintstones character. It’s been said that this strain is named after that character because once you give it a try, you’ll be just as happy and easy going as Barney Rubble himself.

Bud Size: Medium – Large
Flavour: Sweet
THC Content: 19-23%
Medical Uses: Stress, Depression, Pain, Anxiety
Relaxed, Euphoric,Happy

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Users of Barney Rubble within the marijuana community report that this strain is amazing when it comes to providing deep relaxation. As the high takes hold, you can expect both cerebral effects as well as a mild body buzz. Users describe the cerebral effect as one that somewhat distorts your sensory perceptions, such as distorted sound or vision. Conversations will flow a bit easier and more natural. Eventually, the body effects will take over and users will feel a lot more relaxed. As time progresses, their bodies will feel a lot heavier and you’re less likely to want to do anything physical at this point. You’ll definitely feel a lot like Barney in the sense that you’ll be very relaxed and easy going.

Users within the medical marijuana community have reported that the Barney Rubble strain is effective in alleviating a number of ailments, including stress, depression, pain, and anxiety. It has the ability to help the user relax both body and mind, which will help you unwind after a long day. For those who feeling discomfort from sore muscles and joints, Barney Rubble may also help in alleviating the discomfort by numbing the pain.


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